The Roles/Relevance of The Centre

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Industrial Training Coordinating Centre, University of Ibadan is saddled with the sole responsibility of achieving all the aims and objectives of SIWES as stated above. To achieve these objectives the Centre has the following responsibilities:

  1. Liaising between the University and National University Commission (NUC) as well as other government Agencies such as Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in all matters involving the industrial training of students.
  2. Soliciting for appropriate and relevant industrial training jobs from industries and other employers of labour.
  3. Analysing technical contents and appropriateness of jobs made available to students for industrial training.
  4. Placing of students to industries and other establishments.
  5. Carrying out follow-up and monitoring activities of student industrial training matters in the industries.
  6. Visiting and supervising students on industrial training.
  7. Coordinating all other industrial training activities such as pre-training orientation programme, Keeping student Work Reports, student post-training seminar, general assessment and industrial training payments.
  8. Providing necessary information to students, departments and faculties on industrial training matters and advising them on manpower development needs of industries.

Fostering      effective       contacts,       employers’    development and collaboration between the University and the industry