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  • Establish SIWES Co-ordinating Units with separate bank Accounts, adequately staffed and funded to ensure effective operation of the Scheme;
  • Appoint SIWES coordinators, and supporting staff.
  • Prepare and submit prescribed and necessary documents to supervising Agencies at stipulated times to ensure speedy processing of allowances to the students and the institutions.
  • Apply job-specifications as prepared for all the accredited courses and award appropriate credit units for the training courses.
  • Identify placement opportunities for students’ attachment with employers;
  • Supervise students at their places of attachment and sign their log-books;
  • Organize orientation courses in collaboration with the ITF for their students;
  • Submit comprehensive reports on the scheme to ITF through their Supervising Agencies on ITF prescribed forms at the end of every year’s programme;
  • Ensure payment of outstanding allowances and render all returns to the ITF during the SIWES year.