Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC)

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  • Ensure the establishment and accreditation of SIWES Units in institutions under their jurisdiction i.e. the Universities;
  • Direct for appointment of full-time SIWES coordinators in the universities;
  • Ensure adequate funding of the SIWES Units in all the universities;
  • Vet and approve prescribed lists of students from participating universities and forward same to the ITF;
  • Develop, monitor and review job-specifications in collaboration with the institutions towards the maintenance of National minimum Academic Standard for all the programmes approved for SIWES;
  • Liaise with ITF and participate in the biennial SIWES National Conference and other relevant SIWES seminars, conferences and workshops;
  • Continuously monitor and review the job specifications of all the courses;
  • Research into the development of SIWES in line with advances in technological development;
  • Regularly review courses qualified for SIWES in collaboration with other bodies;

Liaise with the ITF, to ensure the implementation of all Federal Government policies on the scheme