Benefits to the Industries

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  • By taking students on industrial training, employers have the opportunities of screening potential employees. During the period of industrial training, an employer would be able to assess the potentials of such students and determine their employability after graduation.
  • When a potential employee is identified during industrial training such students after graduation and if eventually employed, need very little or no orientation in the establishment. They can be employed and put straight on the expected responsibilities. This is a big advantage that cuts costs considerably.
  • Students on industrial training are usually young, bubbling with ideas, concepts and theoretical knowledge. By so doing, their freshness of approach could be used to an advantage by employers in solving problems that have hitherto been treated as trivial and familiar.
  • Usually when students on industrial training are properly utilized, they could serve as relief hands. In fact, they could be treated as short term employees who could carry out short term investigations or even handle some jobs of permanent staff on leave. In particular students on industrial training at their penultimate year in the universities have this advantage.
  • When an establishment takes part in the industrial training of students, such establishment automatically opens an access to the institutions of the respective students. Therefore, such cooperation enables the establishment to open a direct link with institutions. Such cooperation could lead to information gathering from the institution. There could be easy access to a pool of knowledge from the teachers and ready source of rare equipment necessary for use by the industry. Of course, such cooperation may also lead to a strong tie of friendship with resultant mutual advantages in areas of research and product development.

When students carry out their industrial training in a company, they serve as “public relations officers” of the company after the training. Such free public relations work also has a great deal of marketing advantages